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Rage is strange

came back today feeling really really angry. I don't know why I was like that. It wasn't because I was let off camp a bit later than expected, though that WAS a little annoying, but I've got better control than that. It wasn't because of the stupid people at the super market cos, well, people here are ALWAYS stupid. Yet when I got home, I couldn't stop yelling to myself stuff like,"JUST GREAT.F*CKING GREAT!" and all, that I had to take a brisk jog to the train station on my way to meet icc and rest to cool off. Still didn;t work though, good thing i screamed into the mic the moment I reached the studio before jamming. I think I've finally found my style in sorta..rap-metal-ing. I can't sing and hold a tune for shit, but i can babble lots of crap, so why not exploit it eh? Anyway, besides that, I must really show my angry very obviously cos when I missed the train, some dude just approached me and asked,"Missed the train huh?" then we started engaging in conversation about life and all. Found out he's a chinese dude from california (yes, an ABC) here on volunteer work for his church and all. This meant only one thing: lots of religion babble and gentle words and all. Heard it all before, but this guy was nice enough to approach me and seemed to want to calm me down, so kudos to him. What really makes me happy though, is seeing people, you guys, read and like what I do. Be it my art or mainly, MSG man. Though I'm used to it, the Army still sucks, and I still am not very optimistic about my future academic life. I've nothing left to fall back on but what I love to do: draw. So, well, it's nice to see there's still something I can do well and get credit and appreciation for, unlike some particular activity I wasted energy on (*cough* Drama *cough*). So, here's to you guys, you made my day.

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