KYQ (kyq) wrote,

And another week...

...has come and gone, with the countdown to graduation definitely starting to let its ticking be heard. I'd be lying if I were to say I wasn't (metaphorically) crapping my pants at the very thought of it. Simultaneously the no. 1 thing I want and dread the most at the moment.

Halloween has come and gone too, and it was...a little disappointing really. Almost no one else was out in costume except for perhaps far far late into the night (when me and my companions were long exhausted from walking around all day), and even then it was just people in half-baked stuff for the sole purpose of finding one night stands at a party. This is probably primarily due to the fact that this is a college area and not a residential area (Where actual trick or treating would occur), but I can't help but feel underwhelmed. Still, some good pics were taken and I'll do my best to find good stuff to show you folks soon.

On the geekier side of news, something FUCKING AWESOME came in the mail today:


It's not me in there, I swear! He's far too tall to be me.

More elaborate gushing to come soon.

Tags: halloween, kamen rider, kiva, life, medicom, random, toys

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