KYQ (kyq) wrote,

Young whipper-snappers

So some days ago, upon my Seminar in Communications Professor's request, I volunteered to help out another Professor by sitting in as part of a panel of graduating seniors to answer questions from Freshmen Comm. students.

That day was today, and so I went to the said class with 2 other classmates of mine. It's really funny how silly youngsters can be sometimes. I know it sounds cliched, but I really do wish I had a panel of this sort back when I was a Freshman, so I wouldn't have had spent over a year wandering aimlessly and taking redundant classes, essentially wasting my time.

Yet, here we were, telling this bunch of kids about our experiences, what to do - and not a soul was really, truly listening to us. Sure, they asked a lot of questions, but they all mostly spanned the same general topic and were very samey. Not to mention, they went really quiet and it ended up with us having to almost ramble on about our job experiences and all. Wasn't until one of my classmates prodded on the topic of overseas programs, did some slightly different questions finally pour in.


*waves cane* 

Was also funny that I was the oldest person in that room aside from the Professor herself. Betcha no one ever realised that. Mwahahaha.
Tags: life, random

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