KYQ (kyq) wrote,

New stuff time

Finally got good ol' Zarab Seijin from Ultraman, the meanie that can turn into an imitation form of Ultraman and do all sorts of bad stuff. He looks silly, but that's what makes him AWESOME.

(uploaded onto my scrapbook as Kuiki seems to be acting up a little)


Also enlisted the help of my customising friend who did a smashing job on Kuuga, to do Yuusuke.

Bandai had done a 1/6 Yuusuke (as in the original, Godai version) some years back. I found it for a decent price, so I snapped it up, as I felt it'd be a good place to start from on the custom.

Being an old figure though, its face paint was...well...crap.

(link probably won't last forever)

If the link's dead (as I don't know how to save pics from ebay), he looked like Michael Jackson's lost Asian brother (disclaimer: I like MJ).

But after handing it to my friend to do a body swap and some paint touch ups, he's a lot more presentable now


The sculpt's still kinda average, but the paint job certainly helps it out a fair bit, and he fits in nicely with the rest of the human formed RIder figures I have.

Now to get ready to head back to Boston. See you all in a week (and I'll get Agito's review done by then, I promise)!

Tags: custom, kamen rider, medicom, real action heroes, toys, ultraman

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