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An Introduction to the Wonderful World of Kamen Rider Medicoms #7

Man, it's been like ten thousand years since the last entry, but here we are at last, back to:

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Today's entry, we're covering:

So what's with this one?

Agito to me, is in many ways, kind of like a Heisei Kamen Rider equivalent to Kamen Rider X. Much like how X was sandwiched between the classic original Kamen Rider and the radical Kamen Rider Amazon, Agito likewise, came smack in the middle of the relatively orthodox Kuuga and the relatively UNorthodox Ryuki.

As such, I kind of feel Agito, much like X, tends to get neglected somewhat, both intentionally and unintentionally. He has his devoted fans, but when people generally talk about Kamen Rider these days, it's almost always the 'popular' dudes like Faiz, Kabuto and of course, Den-never-gonna-die-O.

It's a really huge shame though, as Agito most certainly isn't half bad. He has a decent story about realising one's full potential, using it for good no matter how much crap happens to you, and of course, was full of really wicked tai-chi-esque moves all over the place. Agito has a lot of style and substance to him, with a very nice, strong old-school feel to himm from his design down to the music. A pity that not too many newer fans bother to find out more about him.

While I myself have yet to really watch Agito in detail, reading about him, watching clips, and yes, even the Decade arc (which I liked btw), all were more than enough to make me like Agito quite a deal. His release was hence, while not exactly something I was waiting with abated breath for, was still a very much welcomed addition nonetheless.

And you know what they say, sometimes it's the things you don't really have much expectations for that turn out great...

So is he any good?

Very very much so, dear reader! 

Being a semi-sequel series to Kuuga, Agito thus, shares quite a few similarities with his predecessor. Hence, one would expect Medicom to kind of phone it in with this release.

However, that turned out to be quite far from the truth.

Agito is of splendid quality, with Medicom's usual high level of sculpting and accuracy.

Agito's head sculpt is absolutely to die for, with every single line, compund and angle captured perfectly in 1/6 scale. I especially like his dragon-motif 'mouth' area which looks extremely regal and strong - much like a dragon.

The armour's very well sculpted too, with a nice matt finish where it counts, and even tossing in that clear piece in the middle of his chest. What I absolutely love is his henshin belt, with not just the front buckle being rendered accurately, but the side buttons as well with *their* detailing behind the clear plastic piece.

As if that wasn't enough, the detailing on Agito's footwear was also captured, with his *soles* having his trademark 'Agito' symbol on them - an uncommon thing as most Medicom Riders tend to save their soles for copyright information.

Agito also comes with a good number of accessories, such as his additional dragon horns for his Rider Kick, and of course, hands. With his SHFiguart counterpart now gaining quite a bit of notoriety for its 2 paltry pairs of hands, it's good to know that his Medicom version is more than well equipped to pull off all the poses he needs to. Fists, wide open palms and *the* pair of pairs; the calm, tai-chi esque hands that were so sorely lacking with the SHFiguart.

Agito's body is also of the newer, better and more hardy generation of RAH bodies, and is thus as solid as a rock. To make things even better, his body suit for what it is, has much more give and flexibility than Kuuga's did, allowing you to accomplish much more with Agito than Kuuga ever could.

Anything to look out for?

It's actually really, really difficult to think about anything one actually needs to 'look out' for with this piece.

I suppose for some curious reason, Agito's actually painted in a lighter, more champagne shade of gold as compared to his screen counterpart. It's really subtle, but the difference is noticeable when you put him next to another figure.

Whether this is a really bad thing to you or not is relative, but I personally don't mind the more muted colours, especially the belt being maroon-ish as opposed to bright red. But your personal taste will differ of course.

Another really small issue is that Agito is one helluva tall and lanky. Medicom's figures seem to be hitting a kind of a growth spurt, and Agito's at least 1/2 to a full head taller than all my other Rider figures, making him quite the giraffe of the lot.

But again, these are really, extremely minor points to me and don't bug me the slightest. I've known one or two people who were bothered by his height and build and have done some customising to 'fix' that. But I personally feel it just adds to Agito's character, being the tall, calm, lithe and mighty warrior that he is.

How much is he and is he worth it?

Agito is one of the cheaper Medicom Riders one can get now, running in at about USD$140 without shipping. He's also still widely available in many online stores such as HLJ. Basically, there's plenty of Agito to go around for everyone, and I'm willing to bet it's due partially to how 'neglected' he tends to be.

However, he is still an extremely solid piece, and is a very easily recommended purchase for anyone looking for a good 'starting point' into Medicom Kamen Riders. If you're an Agito fan who likes 1/6 figures, then honestly - why are you hesitating?!

Closing thoughts?

Agito's quite the often missed, looked over gem amongst the sea of Kamen Riders, or even 1/6 figures by Medicom in general. But whether you're a Kamen Rider completist or even just interested in a good super hero figure, it puzzles me to no end why Agito isn't picked up more.

He has excellent sculpting, great quality control, and is a cool character with a lot of style *AND* is relatively cheap and easy to get. Take the fact that Agito also corrects several problems that have plagued previous Kamen Rider RAHs (excessively tight suits, brittle bodies etc), and even of his smaller toy counterparts (the hands issue with the SHF), and you've got one solid entry into the Medicom Kamen Rider line.

My rating: 9/10

Next up, let's take a little break and go into both the realm of Showa Riders and introduce the concept of 'mail-away' figures. Watch this spot for Shadow Moon!

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