KYQ (kyq) wrote,

Sydney, Inspiration and Transformers

At exactly 1700 hours I'd be leaving for the airport for Sydney australlia with my folks, ohh yeah baby. Being the stupid fucker that I am I've only just e-mailed Komala (tsu, pirotessa, etc) about my arrival so here's to hoping I do get to meet up with her. I'm not happy cos of the fact i'm going to a new place (though I am), but more of spending time with my siblings and folks whom I've not seen in a while and won't get to see for a good period of time when my bro and sis go back to UK. Looking forward to good food, good time with the family and of course, good time drawing MSG man chapter 5.

Speaking of MSG man, chapter 5's shaping real nicely. So far it's set on being a rather dramatic, or at least more dramatic than normal, chapter. More action and stuff like that and an opportunity for me to be lazy and use another old character design of mine as a new character :P Yes, so the Takara style of 'repainting' is sorta being applied here as well so what? It worked for Yasagi XD! ANYWAY, I spent the last few hours watching the extras in my Transformers Season 2 DVD set and watched the interviews with 2 voice actors and a script writer. It was really inspirational and motivating for me, someone who although doesn't do animation, also creates 'worlds' and characters of sorts in a similar way. One voice actor who was interviewd was Neil Kaphman who does the Robots In Disguise Optimus Prime's voice. While I HATE the english dubbing for the series, it was the actor's sheer genuine enthusiasm that was oozing through every word he said that really...well..made me smile, knowing that voice acting is such a great job and also glad that the people who do the voices of such prominent characters really enjoy what they do like a true artist. Really wish I could voice acting myself, I think I'm up for it. The other voice actor interviewed was a G1 actor, who did voices for, amongst other characters, Cosmos and Tracks. Again, while not as energetic as the more youthful Kaphman, still showed lots of enthusiasm and shared his experience as a voice actor. These have really motived me to draw more and do my best for my comic. Who knows, hopefully I can do an animation for MSG man (or whatever) one of these days. -_-.

Transformer wise, the bastards have driven me to near poverty yet again XD. As Icchan said, I got a box of the World's Smallest Transformers and they kick total ass, if not for their fragility, easy-to-lose ness and the fact that Takara screwed up the figure ratios. Oh well, at least I've got the best figures in the set (like Soundwave) so I'm satisfied. Well, I'll see you guysin a week, unless if I either post again later today or find a PC in sydney for me to use.

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