KYQ (kyq) wrote,

I'm a lousy friend/person/collegue/etc. as I've just realised. I spend all my time in camp just idling by the side, I whine about how crappy my life is and mope around, when people I know have it a million times worse than me. Maybe I should learn to lighten up a bit, but it's hard when........ahh, there I go again, whining as always. Bah STOP IT QIANG! STOP IT! STOP IT! (smacks self)

Ok, now that's done with, I'm getting worried about my dog. You see, good ol' George's so much one of the family, heck, even my mum scolds him like she would me or my siblings. But he's really getting on with the years. I mean, he's ten (human) years old, that's practically ancient. My mum and my sis already think he's getting a cataract (sp?) and eventually all sorta of problems will set in. I may not spend much time with him, but I do love my ol' smelly dog, and I really can't bear to think of the day when he passes from this world. Sure hope he can stick around for a long while more..

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