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[Sep. 14th, 2003|09:18 pm]
Ok, I am now absolutely in love with Paris match. I was checking out their official homepage http://www.jvcmusic.co.jp/parismatch/index2.html and was just listening to the samples of tracks from their newest album 'quattro', and I must say that I MUST GET IT!!! Also, I should find a copy of their 3rd album, as it has ALL the tracks that Jules has sent me so far. You know, having 'saturday' in camp will come in handy ;)

Also, 60% of chapter 5 has been inked! Wheee~~~ Progress!!! Slowly but surely, this hideously long chapter will be done, I just hope people don't find it draggy.

[User Picture]From: maiyeng
2003-09-27 03:28 pm (UTC)
I only heard one sample, but I'm impressed! The music video worked well with the wonderfully mellow and relaxing song (I can't remember what it's called. ^^;), but I really love it! *^-^*

YAY! 60% inked! XDDD
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[User Picture]From: kyq
2003-09-27 07:19 pm (UTC)
It's already totally inked as of now ;) I'm currently CG-ing it, but damn, it's gonna take a while. 61 pages ^^;;;;
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