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I'm worried. No I really am. Dad just gave us some figures, and I realised the potential financial threat that's emminent. Right now we're already spending one heck a lot of money every month (an amount I refuse to disclose), and with my bro's university fees (he's in UK), it totals to one hell alot. Plus, when my sis, and eventually I, go to university, there'll be a total of THREE kids in the U. Costs will then sky-rocket to around the 500- 800K regions...which is ONE FUCK ALOT!!! I'm very very worried, cos if we don't pull up our socks and tighten our belts now, we can run out of money as soon as 2005...and that's not good... Things like these makes me wish I was 1)rich 2)damn smart 3)not so spendthrift on my hobbies 4)had a job..... oh god...

On the lighter side of things, took this amusing Card Captor Sakura quiz and look who I got:

test by Leanne
which CCS character are you?

Whaddaya know? It's Miss.2nd Best (Yes, Guang, SECOND BEST!!!!!). Tomoyo's my fav character, but being Sakura's not too bad. I am more like her than Tomoyo anyway, though I was half expecting to be Kero. No wait, that's who my bro should be. Yeah that's it...

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