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I'm starting to scare myself. These days, I've been having either dreams that are weird, or ones that are disturbing, and there's a difference there mind you. For instance, I just had a dream where I was back in school, only that my class comprised of people from my Secondary school, college AND from camp... and we were in the bus, on the way to our excursion to the zoo. I woke up the moment we entered the zoo however.

As for the disturbing ones, it's a lot less pleasant. I've been having upsetting dreams, that are rather violent, of me....I dunno, beating up people, some of whom I regard as my friends. Yelling. Saying stuff like...I dunno, I can't recall. All I remember is the violence, and then I wake up (normally these dreams happen when I'm napping in camp) startled. I hope this doesn't mean anything, for not only do I not want to harm my friends, but I also do not want to become like one of those low-life regulars in the army who are miffed about their crappy life and take it out on drink and Service men like us..

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