KYQ (kyq) wrote,

Gas and MSG man

No, it's not him farting. Rather, today (and yesterday), we learnt how to survive in a Chemical Warfare environment. We donned the full gear, gas mask and all, and went into a smoke chamber filled with CS smoke (a very mild form of a smoke which has effects similar to tear gas). With all that crap on me, I can safely say I'd pass out more from the heat and tightness of the damn things than the smoke itself. The smoke REALLY stings your eyes though...

As for MSG man, I've finished pencilling chapter 6 about a few days ago and have started inking it. I've done about 20 pages in 2 days, pretty good progress out of....59 pages. I'm so gonna kill myself... Still, I'm VERY proud of this chapter, as I feel it's rather 'sweet'. Hope you folks think the same.

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