KYQ (kyq) wrote,


Well, it's the new year again. I must say, this year's been a mixed one. One hand, I'd say it's been one helluva shitty year. Got into the army, which speaks for itself. Lost of freedom, extra frustrations etc. Then there was my poor exam results. There was a lot for me to be depressed about in 2003, oh yeah. Yet, it was a great year. For one, in a way thanks to the army, I've done way more drawing than I've ever done for the past 4 years. I finally managed to kick off my first ever proper web comic, MSG man, and now whenever I'm free and not playing FFXI, it's the only thing in my mind. Of course, I still have you guys, my friends, both IRL and in #rosa!'s to 2003, and to hoping 2004 will be good! Expect more MSG man goodness to boot!

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