KYQ (kyq) wrote,

Getting things off my chest

I've been wanting to say this for a long time now, and to those I'm rather close to, you definitely have heard me say this before. For those who haven't, don't take it the wrong way. While I appreciate comments & criticisms and all, I know that I will never satisfy everyone, and perhaps, may never even get the recognition that I so desire due to the flaws I have in my work and art. But know you this, sure you can criticise my comic and all, and I definitely LOVE constructive ones, but if you have never EVER drawn a full scale comic (and by that, I mean something more than 2 pages and 4 frames), you do NOT know what it takes to draw a comic.

Drawing a comic and illustrating are 2 totally different things, and in my humble opinion, drawing a comic takes much more effort by far. Illustration wise, you put all your heart and soul into that one pic, draw it, ink it, scan and colour it. It's not easy, and I know some awesome illustrators out there (take a bow you guys, you know who you are). Drawing a comic however is a totally different thing altogether. You have to draw, ink, scan and colour several pages, drawing similar stuff over and over. Most people have different people to handle different aspects. I however, do it all MYSELF and will CONTINUE to do it MYSELF. Why? Cos I can do it, and do it well. Unlike illustrating, you have to possess great mental (and to an extent physical) stamina and dedication to the comic to keep it looking coherent and presentable. Oh and did I mention that it must have a plot and characters that people will give a damn about? I'm not saying it's not possible to have a comic that's long and epical and is awesome looking. There are many comics like that, but then, why do you think it takes them months to release an issue?

Therefore having babbled all this crap, being a comic artist is an art itself and takes as much, if not (I dare say) MORE effort than just drawing a pretty pic, even if your comic doesn't look so hot. And hence, it does not make me any less of an artist than I am a writer. So go ahead, give me more criticism as they will serve to make what I do better, but also spare a thought and maybe even try drawing a decent length comic yourself one day.....

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