KYQ (kyq) wrote,

Capcom Fighting Jam

YES YES YES YES!!! I got it just yesterday, braving lots of negative feedback about this game, Capcom's first 2D Fighter in like 3 years since Capcom vs SNK2. While it's certaintly not as bad as people say it is, it is a tad bit disappointing unfortunately.

The game has a few strong cast members like Guy, Rose, Karin and Alex. Sticking every character to their respective systems is kinda cool, and the balance isn't as whack as I feared it'd be at first (though the SF2 characters are VERY powerful).

Graphics wise, as always it's a mixed bag. You see sprites that are 10 years old next to ones that are half that age. *cough* Demitri *cough*. Backgrounds are nicely drawn but seriously need a bit more animation to them, as they look rather lifeless compared to the ones in say, CvS2.

What's got to be the most disappointing thing about it is the lack of modes. There's Arcade mode, Versus, Training and Options........and that's it!!!! Very few noteworthy unlockables, and very few modes as well. Needless to say, it gets a bit tiring on your own. While the JP version did come with a nice 'Master's DVD', this is still inexcusable. This game still is rather fun and solid however. Definitely not Capcom's best effort, and if it had been released right after CvS 2, I wouldn't have given this a second glance. Right now though, it's a nice snack as I lie in wait for Capcom's next offering...if there is one.... -7/10

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