KYQ (kyq) wrote,

Angst Wars

Watched Episode 3 with Seano boy and two other friends and I must say I've never seen a larger angst fest than this. Seriously folks, I don't blame it for being predictable (IS OBI WAN GONNA DIE OMG?!?!?!), or a bit cheesy. The action scenes were very cool, as were the special effects. What I couldn't stand was Hayden (anakin) angsting every damn moment. Waaahh I don't trust the council. Waaahh I don't want Padame to die. Waaaaah everyone's turning against me, I'm gonna go eeebbbilll! Big deal, Anakin. Granted I might appreciate this if I was actually a Star Wars fan, but still the script was quite rubbish and nothing but a boat load of angst. Certaintly no force in this one. 5/10 Momos, as only the action saved it.

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