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Crap [Jun. 8th, 2005|04:00 am]
Been kinda sick recently, still worried about the US and been feeling very very irritated. Not gone back to that goddamn driving school in like, weeks, cos I just can;'t be bothered anymore. It's not like I'm gonna be able to finish it and get my licence before I leave for the US anyway. Sure I could do classes like everyday but fuck that, I've better things to do.

Like getting pretty much irriated at everything. I'm making no progress in my drawing, I'm resisting the immense urge to lash out and snap at people, and I keep thinking everyone's out to just press my buttons. Generally feeling pretty fucking useless. Frankly I'm having thoughts of just completely dropping drawing and everything. Bah. I can't seem to find anything I can seek solace in anymore. Fuck off. Just fuck off. Everything.

[User Picture]From: kronon
2005-06-08 03:35 pm (UTC)
Hmm...I don't think it's good to force yourself to draw just for the sake of drawing. Don't make yourself churn out 'good' art just because of I-need-to-do-it. Just doodle once in a while, when you have time, nothing to do, etc.

Quit putting pressure on yourself, man.
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