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[Sep. 9th, 2005|09:04 am]
Well Dad is leaving for Singapore tomorrow morning, so from tomorrow onwards I am officially on my own. I can't say I'm not scared, cos I am. Can't help it too, but the feelings of loneliness are really starting to kick in now. But! Instead of typing a sobby entry, I'm gonna talk about the people I've met.

My roommates so far are really good people. There's Eliot and Alex, both from Boston and who were high school mates. They're pretty fun loving and like to party and stuff. However, they're also extremely considerate and are always worried that they're disturbing me (as if I ever do anything that I can be possibly disturbed out of). They like the usual stuff like rap music and all, but they don't play it too loud, so it's fine. Besides, I DO like M-flo, and a good chunk of them is rap after all. There's also James, from New york. He's a lot quieter, but he's also a nice guy so far. He also has a love for jazz and heck, even takes a Jazz course. That is cool in my book anyday.

I've also met a girl from Ohio named Maria. For some reason, I was compelled to speak to her and introduce myself because of her hair. Yes, her hair. I have this thing for nice, dark brown hair, and her's is pretty damn nice. She's also a nice person and all, being a bit of a quiet-life loving person hence finding city life quite something. I think I'm going mad, cos I find her hair really really nice and that's always the first thing I think about whenever I see her. It's just the hair. I swear.

Anyway, I'm really starting to miss home alot and stuff and...damn didn't I say this was not gonna be a sobby entry? I'll shut up now.

[User Picture]From: purajo
2005-09-09 10:52 am (UTC)
*huggles* we miss you alot too and.. *reads further*... *huffs and mutters* i have dark brown hair too *pouts as eyes turn green*...yes, i'm jealous, alright? i admit it, happy? =P *pouts more*
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[User Picture]From: iodinesoup
2005-09-09 10:52 am (UTC)
Well, its a first step into adulthood.
Be brave old friend! Making friends is a great thing,
why start missing people and feel bad about it when you
can get to meet new friends in a new place ya? Give her
the ol'KYQ charm :P
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[User Picture]From: ataiki
2005-09-09 01:26 pm (UTC)


hang in there. :D Sounds like you're having fun.
And show some pics of the hair! ;) it can't be THAT mesmerizing, can it? :D
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[User Picture]From: kronon
2005-09-09 02:04 pm (UTC)
Well, great to hear that you've met those nice peeps over there. At least you're not truly alone and have them to watch out for ya. The 1st few weeks at any new place are always crazy and exciting, so make the most of them! XD
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