KYQ (kyq) wrote,

Got invited by a gal next door to some...karaoke session they were having. So, not wanting to be rude, I went down with James, hoping for the best. Boy, that was quite a reminder why I hate pubs/bars like that. Noisy, stuffy, drinks I don't like and with people I generally don't know and frankly, I wonder if they'll even bother to remember me. Pity, as she was quite nice, so I politely excused myself. So here I am now alone in my dorm, another reminder on why I'm such a loser. That which, I was tagged with the 20 facts about myself thing wasn't I? Since I've nothing else better to do

Write 20 random facts about yourself then tag the same amount of people as minutes it takes you to write the facts. If you're tagged it's your turn

1. I am a huge Transformer fan
2. I've never had a girlfriend
3. I tend to be very talkative and outspoken amongst friends or other people...
4. But get very quiet when I'm in a very unfamiliar or uncomfortable environment.
5. I tend to subtly beg for complements
6. Because I get demoralised VERY easily.
7. I have a thing for short skirts, provided the skirt wearer also looks nice.
8. I don't like people (girls especially) who are too 'flashy'. That is, I'd rather date a Miss Plain Jane than Miss Super Model.
9. I have a very bad temper.
10. I have bad spending habits.
11. I like the art of provactive nudity (and still try to hone that in my pics/comic)
12. I am quite a big gamer (though not as big as I used to be)
13. I have a soft spot for cute little girls and wish to have a daughter of my own some day.
14. Some of my biggest heroes of all time are Optimus Prime, Victory Saber, Creative's Sim Wong Hoo, and my Father.
15. I have an immense inferiority complex.
16. I tend to act arrogant to cover up my own insecurities.
17. I like drawing but drawing definitely doesn't like me.
18. I like writing but again, writing isn't crazy about me either.
19. I like to wet my feet in warm weather.
20. I tend to feel that no one truly understands me.

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