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Taking a cue..

Since Rina did it, and I thought it was pretty darn interesting, I've decided to do the same as well. Here goes:

1. Post 5 old artworks from 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, and 2004.
2. Post your most controversial picture -- one you might have received hate mail for.
3. Post your favourite picture so far from 2005.

Can't quite exactly remember which year I did some of my art, so I'm giving it my best guess.



I was really happy with this pic, especially with her expression in this one. It also helped to establish Rui's character as well, that of being a popular, pretty gal in school with a brain to back it up.


This pic too, I used to be really, really happy with too. I guess it's because it just shows the great buddy relationship Kei & Rui have, and that it got quite a lot of positive feedback as well (Yes, even from you Rina ;) ).


My first 'Fake DVD' ad. Was quite happy with this as everyone was drawn to the best of my ability then. People like Eiji here, were also redrawn for the occasion of the pic.


Simply loved the composition of the picture back then. Also, the background was an effect I had tried for the first time and I thought it turned out well. Not to mention Etsuko looks really cute here, and yes, I like the translucent effect on her dress.


I'm quite torn between which of these 2 pics I prefer from 2004. I like my halloween pic for 2k4, simply because I felt it was different. Nearly everyone's halloween pics are so cliche, with it normally being either cute guys in costume, cute girls in costume, actual monsters, or actual monsters with cute guys OR cute girls in costume. Y A W N. So I decided to show a pic of THE most scariest thing in the world - cross dressing guys!!! Okay, it also reflects on my own personal obsession too, but we'll get into that another time...

I like my christmas pic too, as it simply is the best out of all my christmas pics thus far. Since...heaven knows when, I had started a tradition of e-mailing christmas pics (with a personal message) to all of my friends each year. The very first one was pretty shitty looking, but I kept on. In 2004, it was the first year I decided to do several pics, all 'linked' together telling a short story. Out of the 5 of them, it was this one that looked the most vibrant, and the one that many had received the most of.


This pic is probably the closest any of my illustrations has managed to generate anything that resembles 'hate'. I got way more flank with my MSG Man comic really, especially with Chapter 5 that had Etsuko naked (I was accussed of promoting child pornography). But this pic here, meant as a birthday pic to my friend, chris, did generate some negative reactions. Showing it to a friend of mine on MSN immediately got a rather resentful "that's degrading!" from her, even though it was meant to appreciate the womanly form. Got no responses to this over Deviantart too, heh. Oh well, chris liked it, and that's all I bother about.



Really, really, really torn between these 3 pictures. All of them were basically the same thing - an experiment for myself on trying to improve my shoddy drawing style. And all of them were pretty successful in their own ways. THey generated quite a bit of positive responses, and for once in a long while, I was actually happy with them (shock, horror)! Since then, I think my style has successfully been changing for the better, and I hope eventually I'd be able to draw to the best of my ability.

Tell me what you all think.

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