KYQ (kyq) wrote,

Right, I'm in the mood for it, and I might as well say this now. Careful if you're easily offended, and don't say I didn't warn you.

Why I do not like religion

I simply do not understand why we need it, what is so good about it, and why it's placed on such a high pedestal. No one in present day was around back then when "it all happened", and therefore no one can prove it was really real now was it? All these so called 'holy texts', of any religion of any deity of any sort, were written by men. Therefore, it can be interpreted any way by men, in any way they see fit. Who is to say whether or not they are using this chance to manipulate the writings to support their claims and whether they feel? Frankly, I feel putting so much weight on a text that was written by a man, very dodgy. Sure, it's hella old and stuff, and written by many men, but that doesn't change the fact that it's a text that was created by a person, and people have opinions and motives. Like, a motive to make you believe in this thing called a "religion".

Deities too, I find dodgy. In fact sometimes, I feel they can shove it. We cannot see them, touch them or feel them. No, don't give me that "he's in my heart/head/soul" nonsense. He/She/It is not there. Yet I find it ridiculous how people credit these non-existant things so much, even when things have been so shitty and only turn out okay because of their own effort. My former principal, whom I shall only refer to as NEC, is a great man, and very religious. Heck, my ex-school was a Methodist one, and being a principal of such a school I'm sure he was at least semi-religious. Yet, a few years back he was accussed of molesting a student while having been asked by him for personal help. Here we have a great man that has helped keep a questionable school afloat for so long, contributes tons to society AND is a religious man and what does he get? He gets this crappy accusation of being a bloody molester. A whole lot of good religion's done for him. Yes, in the end he got immense support and the case was dropped. Religion and whatever deity had no part of it, it was because everyone else felt he was being wronged and therefore, rallied up to help him. I highly doubt religon had a part in it.

Of course how can we forget all the killings that have been going on recently because of religion? Now I know what most of you might say. "It's not because of religion, it's because of people who misinterpret it or use it wrongly". Sure sure, that's real easy to say. But it doesn't take away my feeling that religion has caused, or been the catalyst for a LOT of problems, and I don't see anything that it has really given back. Maybe John Lennon had a point, maybe a world with "no religion too" would be a great idea, as all I've really seen religion do is divide people. Not only amongst people with different religions, but sometimes those with and without religions too. Ironic.

Sure, religion's helped people live on, helped people become better etc etc. Sometimes I'm envious of those of you who can so easily, or willingly embrace this thing you call a religion, a "faith". But if you're a good person who feels everyone should be treated equally, then great! We could use more of you. But why need religion to do it? Why need something that to me, just seems like some invisible 'deity' that advocates a whole long list of "You shall not"s?

AM I saying that everyone who is religious is an idiot? No I am not. I am saying that religion is complete bullshit? I would love to, but I would like to remain open-minded and hopefully one day someone from up above will come down and bitch slap me. What I am saying however is I am tired of why religion is so darn important and put on such a high horse when it seems so fake and has done a whole lot of harm. I've been mocked, look down on, ostracised AND discredited all my life. Trust me, I had contemplated suicide many times like many other people have. But I'm still here today, and I don't think any guy up there (if he IS there) helped me at all. Believe it or not, I even prayed once back in Secondary 5. Maybe I don't deserve his oh-so-holy-and-divine help. But as it is now, I'm not convinced that it's of any good, if it exists in the first place.


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