KYQ (kyq) wrote,

Halloween was uneventful for me, as I'm not the drinking-till-I-pass-out/partying type, which is pretty much what everyone else here in Boston must've done. Well, okay, I was challenged by some 'ninjas' when in the games room. But a brief display of my 133t ninja skillz quickly put them in their place. The fools, don't they know that I am a Ninja in disguise??

Anyway, this is a repeat of what I said on DA, but I thought it'd be important enough to put it here as well.

All right, I'm not one to conform to a set schedule, hence this is more of a 'what to expect from me soonish', than a 'what is coming out and when' thing. Basically we have:

MSG Man Gaiden 2 - From goon to grunt
This will now be drawn by my friend, deuel/Zinc. However I am still writing the script, which is in progress and should be done soon....ish. Yeah.

MSG Man Chapter 10 - Not possible without you
This is a tentative title to a chapter that I've been wanting to do for EONS. I mainly took this long hiatus to improve my drawing style and to an extent I guess it has paid off. Once I'm done with Gaiden 2's script, I will begin on Chapter 10's.

The Guide to MSG Man
This is also another thing I was supposed to do a LONG time ago. Basically, it was a writing collaboration with my friend, Chris. It's going to be an encyclopedia on everything MSG Man, from things like the Mazuka Corporation, to the technology of Mecha Man's suit. I was to provide the information (obviously), and some backing art, while Chris was to do the writing. Things like work for the both of us has kept this project back though, so I hope I'd be able to get this back up again.

Hopefully I can get all these done before the year's end. So keep your hat on, but don't hold your breath.

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