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My most irrelevant review of M-flo: Beat Space Nine


Okay, I've been playing this over and over and so far, I must say that it is a great album, but not quite as catchy as Astromantic was. For those not in the know, this is M-flo fourth album, and their second album since their former vocalist, Lisa, left. It's nice to know that Verbal and Taku are keeping the M-flo name alive by once again, collaborating with nearly every singer in japan. Right, down to the track by track analysis.

The usual zany m-flo styled introduction track.

2. Taste your stuff feat. Bennie K

A sorta dance-ish sounding track. It's decent I guess, as the chorus is fairly catchy. Not quite my fave genre of music though, but it's all right.

3. Loop in my heart feat. Emyli & Yoshika

Simply awesome track, this is. Has a very infectious tune to it, almost reminds me of Astromantic's 'Miss you'. The vocals aren't quite as strong, but the tune, chorus, and Verbal pull it up a lot.

4. So Exclusive feat. Sowelu

Again, a fairly catchy chorus to this, nicely spread out with jabs from Verbal. It gets a little bit repetitive though, and might not appeal to everyone.

5. I'm da 1 feat. Whee Sung

I don't quite like this track. Sounds kinda goofy, and it's a tad bit too noisy (in a bad way). Has lots of really weird sounding mixing bits to it I'm not entirely fond of either.

6. One day feat. Miriya

Your obligatory slow track. It's, well...slow. Gets a bit boring and it's quite forgettable IMO.

7. A.D.D.P feat. Monday Michiru

Another track I was eager to listen to. I've heard about Monday Michiru while listening to an album of hers, Jazz Brat, and quite like her sassy style. So a track with her and M-flo seemed like a great idea. Well, the track is decent, but I didn't like how they used a lot of Verbal's rapping bits from 'Dispatch' (a previous m-flo track from 'Expo Expo'), looping it over and over ad nauseum. Doesn't help that I didn't like 'Dispatch' at all, and this doesn't help things. Michiru's vocals are still as cool as ever though, the tune was good, and the rapping of Verbal's that was NOT cut-and-pasted from 'Dispatch', were ok too. Could've better though.

8. To your beat feat. Yoshika

Another track with Yoshika? Weird, but not the first time they've done that. Your typical 'slow but groovy' track. Think 'Just Be', but not as boring. It's a pleasant sounding track, and if you can find a PV of this, Yoshika's easy on the eyes too ;).


Another brilliantly weird M-flo style vocal track.

10. Dopeman? feat. Emyli & Diggy

And another track with Emyli in it. Not a bad track either, pretty catchy tune and chorus once again, with some strange yet interesting abrupt changes in tune here and there. Diggy's rapping is really really goofy sounding too, but I guess that's the point.

11. Cozomo-Naughty feat. Kahimi Karie

A weird one. Nearly more than half of it is (I think) Verbal whispering a rap. It tries to sound a bit lounge-ish, but just ends up sounding boring.

12. The other side of love feat. Emyli

ANOTHER Emyli track. This one is a pretty standard vocal + drum n' bass + rap song. It's okay, but it doesn't quite stick in my mind.

13. Float 'n Flow feat. Rie Fu

A rather sleepy, 'chill' sounding track, complete with lounge styled trumpetting. It's an okay track, but again, doesn't quite stick to my mind that well. 'Life is Beautiful' with Bloodiest Saxaphone is a better sort of track.

14. HEY! feat. Akiko Wada

A pretty loud, gameshow-y sounding track, with a lot of echo-ing and repetition. Gets very jarring on the nerves. Not my favourite.

15. Let go feat. Yoshika

And ANOTHER Yoshika track! This is quite a decent ballad, though something about it reminds me of an Utada Hikaru song...before she got all weird-goth-chick looking. It's okay, pretty inoffensive, but not that memorable.

16. TRIPOD BABY feat Lisa

Yep, believe it or not Lisa's back for a song with her ex-group mates! To long time M-flo fans like myself, this is the money shot. Simply awesome track, and you can really feel the great chemistry between Lisa and Verbal here. Reminds you of the old school days of 'Come again' and 'How you like me now?' from Expo Expo.

17. Nine

Um. Another weird vocal track. Good ol' Global Astroliner.

Overall, this album is a decent follow up to Astromantic, but isn't quite as catchy. Still, it's a decent album with some really good tracks (TRIPOD BABY, Loop in my heart), a lot of decent tracks, and maybe just one bad track (HEY!). All in all, I'd give this a strong 7.5/10.

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