KYQ (kyq) wrote,

Yay I'm bored.

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1) Thoughts on lante? Nice, quirky, Reno-obsessed girl.
2) What is ovaltine8's shoe size? How the hell should I know.
3) How long would purajo dating demoivrex last? Not very. Personalities clash.
4) What rank would purajo have in a giant robot army? Empress. Definitely.
5) What is demoivrex's favorite movie? ...not sure.
6) When did you last call vege? Haven't called him before
7) What animal should rushi be combined with? A bear cos bears kick arse.
8) How long have you known lante? Less than a year
9) Are dez26 and julsey going out?
10) Would sketchaholic be a better ninja or pirate? Ninja, cos ninjas kick arse.
11) Is ataiki your best friend? Close enough.
12) Is inuran popular? Fairly. At least amongst cosplaying circles.
13) If lik commanded an army, who would be his/her followers? Probably his legion of action figures and various pvc/vinyl girls.
14) What video game does lante remind you of? Hmm...something with Reno in it I guess. But not FF7.
15) Where would ataiki most like to visit? Japan I'd say.
16) What would lante give kronon for his/her birthday? Again, probably something Reno related.
17) Are pimento and obsidianmcnight going steady?
18) What animal does sketchaholic remind you of? A fox. I don't know why, but a fox.
19) Has demoivrex dyed their hair? Don't think so.
20) Would ataiki and iodinesoup make a good couple? HAHAHAHAHHAHA *CHOKECHOKECHOKE*
21) If ataiki were hanging off a cliff, what would pimento do? He'd probably do his Psycho Toad "ARE YOU ALL READY TO DIE?!" impression, but help him anyway.
22) Is vege friends with bonebox? I'd say they at least know each other.
23) One thing you can't stand about maiyeng? That I haven't been able to chat with her yet :P.
24) Would inuran go out with lik? Maybe not. Not knowing each other at all is one factor...
25) If bonebox and inuran were siamese twins, where would they be joined? ....At the hip. PLEASE.

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