KYQ (kyq) wrote,


Well, it was quite a dead Thanksgiving holiday for me. As Thanksgiving day was on Thursday, naturally everyone who was American went home to celebrate, leaving the entire campus area a ghost town. Hell, even Mcdonalds was closed. Guess Ronald celebrates TSG too.

I did hang out with Lik on Friday till Sunday afternoon though. Was cool, a nice, long, DVD/Game session, something I've not had in a very long time. Indigo Prophecy is an extremely cool game, though I'm reluctant to call it a game as it's very much more like an interactive movie. Still, very very atmospheric, and very cool.

As I said, got back this (Sunday) afternoon. Was a pretty uneventful day too. Chatted, did laundry etc. Had a nice chat with Maria, and then one of her roommates as well. Always a pleasure to chat with Maria, yes. Nice girl, she is.

And that's that. Another day, another week. I'll start that script for MSG Man 10 soonish, maybe.

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